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Hello Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX, you may be my new favorite terminal. Your stores, your restaurants, your lounges, your bright, airy feel… you are a far cry different than the sad Southwest terminal at this airport. Can I fly international out of LAX every time?

The Korean Air Business Class Lounge in this great terminal is clean, contemporary, and has its pros and cons. Pros being: lots of comfortable chairs, lots of outlets, and is a fairly bright and open lounge. The best part though? The balcony. I love the option to sit “outdoors” and look down on the hustle and bustle of the terminal. It has a chic quality like you are sitting out on the patio just sipping your cappuccino or wine and enjoying happy hour.

The major con for me is definitely the food. Having just got off a first class flight with a full meal and on my way to another first class flight with another full meal, I was lucky because I was not planning to eat there anyways. If I was hungry however, I would have been extremely disappointed and gone downstairs to buy something to eat. This lounge ain’t a foodie’s paradise.

Here’s a quick look at what the Korean Air Business Class Lounge at Los Angeles International Airport offers:

Complimentary Food & Beverage

Korean Air Lounge at LAX Airport

Korean Air Lounge at LAX Airport

The food selection is pretty weak. The only hot food item is instant noodle soup and there are a few other selections of cold items. I’ve listed them all under “snacks”, because it really is not a full meal.

Snacks: Chips & salsa, pretzels, miniature sandwiches, miniature muffins, sushi rolls, cereal (Special K & Cheerios), pineapple & melon, carrots, celery, red bell peppers, instant noodle soup

Alcoholic Beverages:

  • Liquor: Bacardi Rum, Jack Daniels Bourbon, Johnnie Walker Black Label Whiskey, Absolut Vodka, Bombay Sapphire Gin
  • Wine: 1 red (Beringer Merlot when I went) & 1 white (Woodbridge Chardonnay when I went)
  • Beer: Budweiser, The Premier OB Pilsner

Non-Alcoholic Beverages: Coffee machine, tea, orange juice, cranberry juice, tonic water, soda water, ginger ale, tomato juice, Diet Coke, Coke, Sprite

Seating Areas

Korean Air Lounge at LAX Airport

Korean Air Lounge at LAX Airport

Korean Air Lounge at LAX Airport

Indoor Seating : Dining tables, comfortable individual seats, long communal table, benches along the wall

Balcony Seating: Dining tables with comfortable chairs

There are no cubicles or private areas in this lounge. Also no sleeping-type spaces or family rooms.

Additional Amenities

Korean Air Lounge at LAX Airport

WiFi, Newspapers/Magazines, Televisions, Showers, Many Outlets

Location: Tom Bradley International Terminal, 5th floor (above duty free shop)

Hours: 7:30am – midnight daily

Access For: Priority Pass Members & SkyTeam Premium Cabin Passengers


Safe travels y’all!


Chelsea Rose Martin