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Passport to Social

Throughout the past months I have pivoted in my social strategies from sharing how to bring the world in your home, to traveling myself to show how travel is reopening, to posting about how hotels were evolving & where you can travel now, to looking into the future for when we are able to travel the world again. And you know what? It worked. I have actually grown my client base during COVID as well as had fellow travel advisors (you!) asking to buy templates, for advice, and more. Which is where the idea of Passport to Social was born back in July…

If you are looking for something completely automated that you never have to think of that runs in the background, this service is not for you. My approach to social media fuses the tangible information, promotions & inspiration your clients & potential clients are looking for with beautiful aesthetics and personal touches. 

There’s a reason the job of a Travel Agent has evolved into the role and lifestyle of a Travel Advisor. We don’t run our businesses on a transactional basis, and I wholeheartedly believe our social media accounts should reflect this as well. With that being said, the entire idea behind this service is to make your life immensely easier when it comes to social media. We’ve all been there (hey, me too) – constantly asking yourself questions like: what do I post? How do I engage my clients? How do I attract NEW clients?

I’m also not here to pretend that you are going to grow to over 20k followers overnight, because to be honest it took me 5 years to grow the following I have. However what this membership does include are proven strategies and content that have attracted new (qualified!) clients through social media, even during COVID.

Your full-time job is a Luxury Travel Advisor, not a Social Media Manager, although putting together social media content can often be so daunting it feels like a full-time job. Passport to Social is here to help!




This service is geared towards but NOT limited to Virtuoso advisors. Please scroll down to the Q&A to find out more information.

membership includes…

Monthly Content Calendar

Content guide/calendar each month

Content focused on 2-3 destinations per month

Each month will feature 2-3 new destinations and 4-10 hotels in each destination. Instagram/Facebook stories per hotel and Instagram/Facebook posts per hotel are all included.

non-destination focused content per month

Each month will feature 4-6 different non-destination specific focused Instagram & Facebook content (think best new hotels, dreaming of Italy, holiday-specific content, etc)

Canva templates

Canva templates for all of the above so that you can customize the content towards YOUR brand

Destination & Hotel “Cheat Sheet”
Includes accounts to tag & hashtags for the destination & hotels, as well as destination & hotel fun facts
Trainings & Resources

Quick trainings & resources pertaining to different social media topics. This will evolve more over time!

step up your social media game


Monthly Content Calendar

4-6 Instagram & Facebook Posts Per Week

4-6 Instagram & Facebook Story Sets Per Week

Destination “Cheat Sheet” with Hashtags, Accounts & Facts

“Quickie” Trainings

… and a couple added bonuses per month!


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coming soon…

Social Media Courses

1-on-1 Consulting Sessions


is this membership only for virtuoso advisors?
Nope! While I focus on Virtuoso hotels and on the second slide of each hotel Instagram stories mentions the Virtuoso amenities for that hotel, email me if you would like that slide taken out and I will send you the IG story videos without it.
can we use all of these photos & templates without crediting you or the hotels?
For the most part, yes! All of the photos used are either photos I have taken myself or photos that have been approved to use by each individual hotel. If the hotel requires you to give credit when posting their photos, it has been mentioned on the “IG Posts” and “FB Posts” PDFs and has been included in the IG/FB slides.
what if i want to cancel my membership?
You can cancel your membership for the next month up until the last day of the previous month, just send an email to
will you be offering social media courses & consulting?
Yes, this is coming soon! The social media courses will focus on specific topics so that you can learn the basics or take your social media to the next level. Individual consulting will allow me to deep dive into your social media accounts and give tailored advice & strategies.
a few facts about chelsea

I was able to build a successful travel advising business, primarily through social media. And one thing to note on this too is that these clients were not all completely random followers. Some of these clients were acquaintances or friends of clients who started following me and after seeing what I can offer my clients, decided to use a Travel Advisor for the first (and never looked back!)

+ Nominated for Virtuoso’s “Most Innovative Award” in 2019

+ Featured on RepFest‘s “Power of Social Media” Panel



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