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Austin, my home base! I know I may not be here that often, but when I am I have my favorite workouts. The beauty of ClassPass is that I have access to SO many different types of workouts and although I have my go-tos (which I highlight below), I attempt to try at least one new studio per month as well. It’s just hard when I have such limited time in Austin and want to get in all my favorite workouts!

Okay so the studios. I am lucky enough to live walking distance to downtown, but there are also numerous great studios on the outskirts of Austin as well. For this post I am featuring my favorite workouts within 2 miles of the convention center for all of you out-of-towner business folks. Another great feature of ClassPass is the ability to use it in multiple cities, so if you’re a ClassPass user and in town for business, use this as your guide to some of the wonderful studios that are offered. Or if you’re an Austinite, use this as a guide to some of the best studios in Austin proper!

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(Please note that those studios which are closer to 2 miles away I don’t necessarily recommend walking to but instead recommend B-Cycle or Uber. The walking mileage is just to be used as a reference point.)


Favorite Downtown Austin ClassPass Workouts
RIDE Indoor Cycling

This is the workout I look forward to most when I am home in Austin. Some of my favorite workouts I have found throughout the country are Soul-Cycle type spin classes, and RIDE does these well. Dark room, blaring upbeat music, and basically a party on a bike. 45 minutes flies by, and I leave genuinely pumped up for my day (or evening out). Alana is my favorite instructor, but they are all great!

Non-ClassPass Pricing: $22 for a single class; I also have coupons for a free RIDE so let me know if you’re ever in town and I can maybe send you one!

 117 Lavaca St // 0.5 miles walking

Favorite Downtown Austin ClassPass Workouts

Spark Fitness

A traditional gym that lets ClassPassers come and take some of their challenging classes. I love the variety of classes offered here, but I especially enjoy their spin classes. Check out their website for other types of classes (think Elevate which uses Kangoo Jump rebound shoes, or Sweat which is cardio, strength training, and plyos) offered here though because they are all fabulous!

Non-ClassPass Pricing: $20 drop-in rate

111 Sandra Muraida Way #100 // 1 mile walking

Favorite Downtown Austin ClassPass Workouts


A Pilates/spin combo studio, which in my opinion makes for one of the best, well-rounded workouts you can do (the featured picture at the top of this post is of the beautiful Pilates reformer side of their studio). One of my best friends, Kelsey, is a spin instructor here so I may be a little bias-ed, but I highly recommend her classes as she is the one who got me hooked on spin just a few years ago. Any class by the owner, Maja, is great, and I also love Andrea’s spin classes.

  • Ryde 30 or Ryde 45: Spin classes for either 30 or 45 minutes
  • Reform: Not as common to find on ClassPass, but these classes are 50 minutes long on the Pilates reformer
  • 30.30: 30 minutes of spin, 30 minutes of Pilates. Once again more rare on ClassPass
  • Ryde 101 or korFormer 101: The introductory classes to both spin and Pilates. This will be more informational than an actual workout

Non-ClassPass Pricing: Free week for new clients, $20 single Ryde class, $30 single Reform class

1611 W 5th St // 1.7 miles walking



Favorite Downtown Austin ClassPass Workouts
Tetra Fitness

A local studio with something for everyone. All of the instructors and staff members are so sweet and welcoming to their Tetra family but will also work hard to make you sweat. I especially like:

  • B.A.R.E.foot Burn: Comparable to yoga sculpt classes. Barefoot on your mat, with heat in the room, with a workout consisting of cardio bursts and weight work. Prepare to sweat and be sore.
  • Circulate: Circuits! Full-body blasting
  • Sweaty Weights: Lots of muscular work with small bits of cardio

Non-ClassPass Pricing: $22 drop-in rate, 50% off your first class

1717 W 6th St #110 // 1.9 miles walking

Favorite Downtown Austin ClassPass Workouts

HEAT Bootcamp

HEAT is the studio that made me not afraid of the word “bootcamp” and has definitely made me stronger and move up in weights. First off, the people are awesome. Second, the structure of the class includes intervals and moving around to different stations so time flies by. This is a studio where each day is dedicated to a different muscle group, so for example Monday is Butt, Legs, & Core day while Tuesday is Chest, Back, & Arms day. Every day they offer one or two 45-minute Total Body Tabata classes as well.

Non-ClassPass Pricing: $20 drop-in rate

2210 S 1st St #A //2 miles walking


 Favorite Downtown Austin ClassPass Workouts
Wanderlust Yoga

This yoga studio is extremely close to the Convention Center and has a smoothie & acai bowl counter inside of it! They also sometimes offer classes that are accompanied by live music.

  • YoStrong: I haven’t seen YoStrong on ClassPass recently, but if you get a chance to take this class DO IT. Fun, sculpt yoga class that will definitely leave you sore the next day. Expect to sweat a lot.
  • Vinyasa: Your typical, wonderful vinyasa class

Non-ClassPass Pricing: $35 for 30 days for new students, $19 drop-in class

206 E 4th St // 0.2 miles walking

Favorite Downtown Austin ClassPass Workouts

CorePower Yoga – Monarch

A wonderful yoga brand that has a downtown Austin location. I used to go here in San Diego, and I love the consistency of the classes and studios no matter what city you are in.

  • Yoga Sculpt: Yoga with weights! Less focus on yoga, more focus on weight lifting and cardio bursts with yoga mixed in there as well
  • C2: Power vinyasa for those who have experience in yoga (but definitely don’t need to be an expert!)
  • Hot Power Fusion: Do you ever just need to sweat it out, relax, and forget about your day? This class is my favorite when I don’t want something high intensity but want to sweat and get outside my thoughts

Non-ClassPass Pricing: Free week for new clients, $20 drop-in rate

801 W 5th St //0.8 miles walking

Favorite Downtown Austin ClassPass Workouts

Black Swan Yoga – Downtown Austin

This yoga studio is a favorite amongst Austinites, and it is no question why with its donation based structure and great instructors. With ClassPass, you are able to sign up for the class beforehand and are not obligated/encouraged to make a donation. Classes include:

  • Flow: All levels, vinyasa class at a warm temperature
  • Power: Just like flow but incorporating more advanced postures at a bit higher level as well
  • Hot Onnit: Yoga with strength training mixed in utilizing Onnit equipment such as Steel Bells and Maces

Non-ClassPass Pricing: Donation based studio (recommended $10 donation)

403 Orchard Street // 1.4 miles walking



Favorite Downtown Austin ClassPass Workouts
Crush Fitness

My new obsession because it is basically like Barry’s Bootcamp. A 55-minute class that consists of about 12-13 minutes on the treadmill doing different intervals, then 12-13 minutes of floor weights work, then repeat that cycle. You are constantly active and the class flies by! Like HEAT, each day has a different “theme” so Mondays may be Chest, Back & Core day for every class offered, then Tuesdays are Legs, Glutes & Core day, then another day that week might be Core Crusher or Total Body, and so on.

Non-ClassPass Pricing: $15 first class, $25 after for single class

300 S Lamar Blvd Suite O // 1.4 miles walking

Favorite Downtown Austin ClassPass Workouts

The Bar Method Austin

Another great barre studio. I like The Bar Method because just like Core Power, there is consistency in their classes and studios across the country so you know what you’re getting yourself into.

  • Mixed Level: Available for everyone of all different barre backgrounds and experience!
  • Level 2: More advanced, must have taken at least 20 classes within the most recent 3-month period

Non-ClassPass Pricing: $79 unlimited month for new clients, $27 drop-in rate

1611 W 5th St #125 // 1.7 miles walking

Favorite Downtown Austin ClassPass Workouts

City Surf Fitness

A very unique type of workout which I guarantee you will not find many places. This workout is so much fun! I am a Californian but let me say I have never been talented on a surfboard no matter how many surf camps I took growing up. Therefore, I am living proof that you do not have to be an expert or have any surfing experience for that matter to  take these classes. Doing a workout on a surfboard challenges your core and overall balance and above anything is a blast.

  • Beach Body Bootcamp: Cardio focused class
  • Buddha Board: Yoga on a surf board!
  • City Surf: Their signature class featuring surf-like movements
  • City Surf Circuits: Circuits, circuits, circuits
  • Pipeline: Featuring barre and Pilates

Non-ClassPass Pricing: $22 single class, $45 3-class special

1500 S Lamar Blvd #130 //2 miles walking


I am looking forward to trying in the future: Ro Fitness, Red Bird Pilates & Yoga, Ignite Fitnez, Ballet Austin’s Butler Center for Dance & Fitness, Fit-Bar


Safe travels y’all!


Chelsea Rose Martin