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Centurion Lounge MIA

My favorite lounge has arrived at MIA! This gave me just a little bit of excitement when I found out considering I had a trip planned to Miami for my birthday and had been waiting to see when this might open. When I landed at 9am I headed there for some breakfast and a celebratory glass of champagne (it’s my birthday, I’m allowed). Also some might call this pathetic buttttt I might have had my birthday dinner here prior to departure back to Austin. #CenturionProud

Now on to the great things about this lounge….

Centurion Lounge at MIA

Centurion Lounge at MIA
Centurion Lounge at MIA

Centurion Lounge at MIA

Centurion Lounge at MIA

Complimentary Food & Beverage

Seemed to be less of a selection both food and beverage wise than DFW and SFO, but still a wonderful selection. I mean the food menu is designed by Michelle Bernstein who is pretty much a culinary genius. The thing that seemed different was that there was not necessarily a cocktail menu. When I asked what their signature cocktails were, they gave me the option of one cocktail which was the “Five Island Flamingo”: Banks Five Island Rum, Lime Juice, Pink Grapefruit Soda. It was good, but I wish I had re-read the drink menu stated online because I would have tried the Key Lime Gimlet as well. Otherwise, there was a decent wine selection that offered more than what they state online (they really should update their website!)

For breakfast try the Shakshuka or Quiche (was a Mediterranean quiche when I was there), or the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with Raspberries & Lemon Curd. Or for dinner try the Watermelon Greek Salad, Braised Chicken Thighs, and while I was there the Creamy Polenta & Butternut Squash were my personal faves. No Vanilla Panna Cotta, but there were cookies!

Per usual, coffee, water (still and sparkling), and tea are available in the coffee bar area. In the morning there are also yogurt, fruit, pastries, and cereals. In the evening there is also a mini salad bar.

Complimentary Spa Treatments

I actually spent my birthday at the Centurion Lounge this year and decided to make it a point to get my first Centurion Lounge spa treatment. Exhale Spa is on-site here and offers manicures, pedicures, and 15-minute massages. I got a massage, and it was exactly what I needed. It is a seated massage so therefore upper body only but is very enjoyable.

Complimentary WiFi

Well, duh!

Runway View Seating

Although seating is limited (unless you head around the corner and down a VERY secluded hallway), the views are lovely. Grab a seat along the window and watch the planes come and go.

Additional Amenities

Showers Suite, Computer Bar, TVs, Magazines & Newspapers, Family Room, Semi-Private Workspaces, and Print, Fax, & Copy Center

Location: Concourse D, near Gate D12, on the 4th floor

Hours: 5am – 11pm

They might still have some small kinks to work out, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time at this lounge as I do always with Centurion. I look forward to coming back to this location and seeing how it progresses.

Safe travels y’all!
Chelsea Rose Martin

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