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Today ClassPass launched their Ambassador program, and I am very happy to announce that I am now a ClassPass Ambassador (check out their post to see who the other Ambassadors are)!

For anyone who has been directed towards my blog via ClassPass, here’s a little bit of information about me. I am a 20-something who travels the world helping run corporate and incentive meetings and events. It is a my dream job because I get to do what I absolutely love and have the opportunity to travel, but it truly is a lot of travel. This year I will travel 235+ days. Holy. Moly. One year ago I also made the move from San Diego to Austin. In San Diego I had a gym that I loved, but it was hard to find something similar in Austin. Where could I pay for a membership and get soul-style spin classes, yoga sculpt, barre, and HIIT classes all in one place? I tried Groupons, introductory packages, and trial periods for different studios but I needed that variety in my fitness life still. Plus then I would go out of town and not be able to finish out my package in Austin and also be searching for workouts in the cities I was going to. And here’s where ClassPass comes in… the solution to all of my problems because:

  1. The variety of classes are endless.
  2. I can take classes in other cities.

I have been a loyal, die hard, maybe-a-little-bit-too-obsessed ClassPasser for just about 9 months now, and I don’t think I will ever stop loving it this much. ClassPass has meant everything to me when it comes to staying healthy while on the road. In 2015 alone I have traveled nearly 150 days this year so far and have still managed to take 108 ClassPass classes. It IS possible to live a travel lifestyle and stay fit, I swear! It just takes a little extra time, dedication, and finding the types of workouts you love and enjoy. ClassPass has made that difference for me, and these are just a few things I love about it:

ClassPass Ambassador

Top 5 Things I Love About ClassPass

  1. The Price

    $79 per month is a STEAL considering what you get out of ClassPass. You can take as many classes as you possibly can in that month period, the only stipulation is that you can only take 3 classes per studio per month (including if there are chains so only 3 CorePower classes total a month even though you may have 2 locations in your city).

  2. The Cities

    Located in over 30 cities across the globe, you can utilize ClassPass all the time! Luckily many of my programs end up in a ClassPass city, so I have no excuse to not stay active while traveling for work, even if it means a 5am or 8pm class. I also love to use it when visiting friends in San Francisco (Barry’s Bootcamp is my favorite!) and when I am back home in San Diego (I especially love SparkCycle).

  3. The Studios

    The caliber of studios through ClassPass is incredible. Even though ClassPass has a 3-class-limit-per-studio-per-month rule, there are so many different options that it honestly doesn’t even matter. I will definitely be posting about my favorite studios in the different cities that I visit!

  4. The User Experience

    ClassPass website + app = love. It is so easy to navigate, aesthetically appealing, and just awesome. You are able to search for classes based on neighborhoods, time period, types of activities, and studio amenities. There is also a map of the studios so you can see which studios are close to your office, apartment, that errand you have to run far away from home, etc. It is especially handy when I am traveling and looking for studios close to my hotel!

  5. The People

    I have met some amazing other ClassPassers! Some people love the community of going to one gym or studio, but ClassPass can have the same feel of community too. It is fun to see the same people in different classes, and you can coordinate with your friends and those you meet to take classes together. Woohoo ClassPass friends!


If you want to join, you will receive $10 off your first month!


Safe travels y’all!


Chelsea Rose Martin