Favorite ClassPass Studios in San Diego County

January 25, 2016








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ClassPass in my hometown, what a dream come true! I am sure my parents love it too, because now I come home for longer periods of time because I no longer have to sacrifice my workout time and love to try the different San Diego studios. Or maybe they don’t because they can’t get rid of me and I put extra miles on my mom’s car. The jury is still out on that one.

My only issue with San Diego is that it is so spread out. And since there are so many different ClassPass studios I wanted to try, I would sometimes have to leave my house nearly an hour before the class compared to the ten minutes I give myself before classes in Austin (oh the joys of living in a small but incredibly wonderful town). The positive of this though is that ClassPass offers classes literally ALL OVER San Diego. I can have breakfast in Hillcrest and hit up Barry’s Bootcamp then head to the beach and have lunch and get in a yoga class at Spirit Yoga. Every single one of my meetings or errands I had while in San Diego had a studio nearby. So with that being said, don’t think you need to live downtown to have ClassPass, San Diegans. There’s something for everyone in each neighborhood!

The studios in San Diego are quite exceptional too. I mean where else is paddle board yoga included in your ClassPass? Those classes can sometimes cost a pretty penny, yet it is somehow included in my ClassPass membership. Due to my ungraceful lack of balance and coordination, that is one class I may be taking solo this summer (but I’ll let y’all know how it goes).

So what are my favorite ClassPass studios in San Diego?


Favorite ClassPass Studios in San Diego County


THIS spin studio. They’re doing everything right. Dance party on a bike, always packed room, bomb music, free shoe rentals, free validated parking and so much more. It’s like a cult that you can’t get enough of. Every single one of the instructors are fabulous, including Paul who was named one of ClassPass’ most moving instructors of 2015! Also a big shoutout to my girl Jenna who introduced me to this studio in the first place and who you should definitely take a class with.

Non-ClassPass Pricing: 1st class $10; Single ride $22; Many packages available

7777 Fay Ave Suite G1, La Jolla, CA 92037

Photo via San Diego Magazine

Photo via San Diego Magazine

Rush Indoor Cycling

I used to love going to the La Jolla location when I lived in Pacific Beach, but I recently fell in love with Carmel Valley location as well. I don’t know if I just signed up for the right classes or if it is always like this, but these classes were on fire. Packed room, high energy, and basically felt like a party in a black-lit room. So. Much. Fun.

Non-ClassPass Pricing: Single ride $25; Introductory 7 days unlimited for $20

Locations in La Jolla and Carmel Valley

Photo via San Diego Magazine

Photo via San Diego Magazine

Rhythm + Power

Another great spin studio, this one in North County Coastal. It has a Flywheel quality where the instructor will occasionally show your rankings throughout class, encouraging you to “compete” harder with your fellow spinners. I’m usually last on the rankings, but still love it so it is great for competitors and non-competitors alike!

Non-ClassPass Pricing: Single ride $20; 5 rides for $90

161 S. Highway 101, Solana Beach, CA 92075



Favorite ClassPass Studios in San Diego County

Barry’s Bootcamp

Oh Barry’s, forever one of my absolute favorites. After experiencing Barry’s a few times in San Francisco on trips, I was so excited to learn that we have a Barry’s Bootcamp in San Diego and it’s on ClassPass. Parking is pretty easy, the instructors are motivating, and you are guaranteed to leave sweaty.

Non-ClassPass Pricing: Single class $22; Weekly silver membership (8 classes in 7 days) $75; Many packages available

1220 Cleveland Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103



Image via Yoga Six

Image via Yoga Six

Yoga Six

Great yoga studio with a variety of classes and a variety of locations. I love to take a Boot Camp class if I’m wanting cardio and interval training (don’t expect much yoga in this) and a Power, Vinyasa, or Flow class if I’m looking to get out of my head, sweat, and leave it all on the mat. The instructors are fabulous and the 4S Ranch studio was a welcoming yogi community. Lots of classes throughout the entire day!

Non-ClassPass Pricing: Single class $20

Locations in 4S Ranch, Carlsbad, Solana Beach, and Point Loma

Photo via Locale Magazine

Photo via Locale Magazine

CorePower Yoga

If you can score a class with Andre (I am pretty sure he teaches at the Hillcrest, Mission Valley, North Park, and Point Loma locations), your life will be forever changed. He is the person who made me fall in love with yoga and completely changed how I approach my practice. When I used to attend his classes at Fit, you would have to get in line nearly half an hour early to insure you spot. He is that good. Another instructor I love is Viktoria, and she teaches at a couple similar CorePower studios as Andre.

Non-ClassPass Pricing: Single class $20; Free week for new students

Locations in Clairemont Mesa, Del Mar, Encinitas, Hillcrest, La Jolla/UTC, La Mesa, Mission Valley, North Park, Point Loma, Poway

Photo via Bliss Paddle Yoga

Photo via Bliss Paddle Yoga

Paddle Board Bliss – San Diego 

Leave it to San Diego ClassPass to have stand-up paddle board yoga on the list of classes you can take with your membership. While I personally have never done this (let’s be honest, I am way too uncoordinated), many of my friends have and are obsessed. Almost cult status. Some day I will try it, I just think it’s so cool that ClassPass offers this especially for out-of-towners looking for a different fitness experience.

Non-ClassPass Pricing: Single class $40

4000 Fanuel Street, San Diego, CA 92109

Photo via Eat Drink Yoga

Photo via Eat Drink Yoga

Spirit Yoga

This local Pacific Beach yoga studio definitely has a following but will welcome anyone with open arms. It used to be a donation-based studio but due to high demand they have started charging. But hey, with your ClassPass it’s free! Get ready for an authentic, community-feel, wonderful yoga experience.

Non-ClassPass Pricing: Single class $15

1319 Garnet Avenue, San Diego, CA 92109



Favorite ClassPass Studios in San Diego County

WundaBar Pilates

So I hadn’t done Pilates in a while but thought I would check Wundabar out. Well thanks Wundabar, because now Pilates is my new addiction and I’m wishing that we had one in Austin! 45 minutes flies by, and I always left feeling refreshed and knowing that I would be sore the next day. Bri and Donna were both great instructors and made you feel comfortable whether you are seasoned in Pilates or not.

Non-ClassPass Pricing: First class free; Single class $30

Photo via Pacific San Diego

Photo via Pacific San Diego


40 minutes of core-burning, amazing, Pilates workout utilizing the Lagree fitness method. There are also classes called “Core Combo” which is a 50 minute class utilizing half the time on the spin bike and half on the Megareformer.

Non-ClassPass Pricing: First class $10; 1 session $35

Locations in Carmel Valley, Little Italy and Solana Beach

Photo via San Diego Magazine

Photo via San Diego Magazine


Great workout, clean studio, ample amount of parking. The high energy of the class made time fly by while getting a full body workout.

Non-ClassPass Pricing: Single class $23; New clients 3 classes for $40

8895 Towne Centre Drive, San Diego, CA 92122

Photo via The Bar Method

Photo via The Bar Method Carmel Mountain

The Bar Method

Your classic, always booty-burning The Bar Method workout has two locations in San Diego on ClassPass! I love the consistency of their classes.

Non-ClassPass Pricing: First class $10; Single class $20

Locations in Carmel Mountain and Solana Beach


Safe travels y’all!


Chelsea Rose Martin


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