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I feel like I never look good in Cancun. I’ll get ready and feel pretty and then the minute I step outside all of that getting ready went to waste.

After moving to a humid climate and spending a lot of 2015 in tropical destinations, I decided enough was enough. I was finally going to give in and buy good quality beauty products and actually feel pretty whilst in the sun and humidity. So I have to admit I am relatively new to this whole “it actually pays off to use good beauty products” thing. But now that I’ve given in and tried it out, I see what all the hype is about.

One thing that helps is that my roommate has tried or owns just about every product from Sephora and is a proud member of their “Beauty Insider” loyalty program at the highest VIP level. On occasion she has let me try products prior to buying them but really if you just take one look at her you would want to buy any and every product that girl puts on her body. Her guidance has never let me down, so I’ve taken the plunge and purchased some phenomenal products and have never looked back.

You get what you pay for, but these products pay for themselves. Maybe I’m doing something wrong or don’t do my hair enough, but my Living Proof products typically last me a few months and I am still on my first bottle of the Bumble and Bumble Defrizz. Coconut oil is so versatile and cheap yet still lasts a long time, and a hair dryer and round brushes are (cheap) investment pieces which can last years. Once again I could be doing something wrong, but this stuff lasts.

Considering I am spending ALL of March and April in tropical destinations, if you follow me on Instagram you’ll see if these work. If my hair is a constant frizz ball, my nails aren’t painted, and my skin is sunburnt and dry, I give you full permission to call me out.

1907 Zero7 Air Lightweight Dryer

I never travel with a hair dryer purely because of the immense weight (that 50 pound limit really kills me), but I have finally found one that solves that problem! I discovered the 1907 Zero7 at Create + Cultivate and immediately fell in love with the fact that it is only ONE POUND. Add the fact that it is an actually very good quality dryer and you’ve made me a loyal fan.

1907 Copper Thermal Round Brush

Now that you’ve packed the perfect hair dryer, you’ll need a good round brush to match. This one is a thermal round brush which means it will heat hair faster without damaging it. Not sure how that is even possible but I really enjoy these revelations in hair care.

Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream

I love the Living Proof No Frizz products and this is the first one I use on my hair after getting out of the shower. The cream adds volume and thickness in a way suitable for humid conditions (aka working to make your hair not a big puff ball).

Living Proof No Frizz Weightless Styling Spray

True to its name, this spray is lightweight and works well alongside the styling cream or on its own if you are just heading to the beach.

Bumble and Bumble Defrizz

This product is a lifesaver when it comes to keeping puffy hair contained. The smallest amount will add shine and lock in frizz without adding any weight. Apply this last once your hair is dry.

Skinceuticals Sport UV Defense SPF 50

Sunscreen is SO important. Let me repeat, sunscreen is SO important. Being a PE teacher, my father has always worn sunscreen every single day so I was a bit of a sunscreen Nazi growing up. I am pretty sure I had friends turn down trips to go to Hawaii with me because they knew they would come back with no tan since I would be forcing copious amounts of sunscreen on them. I love this Skinceuticals one because the chemicals aren’t harsh on your skin, it’s SPF 50, and it is designed for an active sports lifestyle so you don’t have to worry when you sweat.

Essie Nail Polishes in Light Colors

Doing my nails in light colors screams “vacation” to me, and I especially love the brand Essie. Light colors also look great against a tan! The colors featured in the above picture are: Blanc, Fashion Playground, Ballet Slippers.

Coconut Oil

This miracle oil is my best friend. I use it as a hair mask, moisturizer, lip balm, and it’s a good alternative in food (use it as butter on your hotel room toast!) Make sure you get extra virgin coconut oil to ensure there are no extra chemicals.

Kopari Coconut Body Glow

You’ve already got the sun-kissed glow, now add some shimmer! This subtle shimmer complements a beach tan and enhances your overall glow.

Lip Balm With SPF 30+

I prefer ones with at least SPF 30, and I’m not much of a stickler on brands. Just make sure those lips are protected because we too often forget them!My go-to’s lately are this one and this one. Then post-sun exposure use coconut oil to soothe and moisturize.

A Product I Want To Try:

Oribe Impermeable Anti-Humidity Spray

Any Oribe product I have tried is a God-send, so I would love to see how their anti-humidity product could enhance my vacation hair routine.

Safe travels y’all!


Chelsea Rose Martin