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Talking about two of my favorite things today… ClassPass and my city Austin!

While it feels like I’m rarely in Austin these days, I get way too excited when it’s time to sign up for my Austin ClassPass classes. It doesn’t matter where I am, I set an alarm a week prior to the class I want to take to sign up for it. It’s not even like the classes necessarily fill up right away, I just love seeing them on my calendar. Little happy reminders that I’m heading home soon!

Which brings me to this post of new studios I have discovered (or maybe I’m just late to the party). These three studios have been added to my go-to list when I’m home. And I LOVE them!

PS y’all I have some exciting news to share. I am currently looking to buy a home in Austin! Which means I’m here for the long haul! Woooohoo! We will see what ends up happening with such a crazy market in Austin right now, but it’s crazy to be doing these adult things. It feels like just yesterday I was moving into my first dorm room on my own in college.

Back to ClassPass. Being a ClassPass Ambassador, I’ve got some greaaaat sign up deals with ClassPass right now too! So you might as well try it out for just a month, even just to tighten up and feel good for the summer, ya know?

Get $30 off your first unlimited month of ClassPass by signing up here!

If you want less classes, you can get $25 off your first month of the Base Membership (5 classes per month) by signing up here. That makes it just $5 per class for your first month!

Now on to the studios…

3 Favorite New ClassPass Studios in Austin

3 Favorite New ClassPass Studios in Austin

Photos via Inked Fingers 

DEFINE body + mind – South Lamar

Well first off this studio is gorgeous. The bright space is adorned in colors of white, turquoise and blue and has a clean, cheerful vibe. And the classes just make me happy too. The spin class is challenging but upbeat, the barre class flies by and leaves me sore in the best way, and the hammock yoga class is one of the coolest workout experiences I’ve ever had. Plus there’s other fun things. They sell some of the best workout attire I have seen in Austin and delicious granola! They also have a selection of juices and kombucha available.

Classes I’ve Tried & Loved:

  • DEFINErevolution: 45 minute spin classes in a dark room to the beat of high-energy music… it’s a blast!
  • DEFINEbody: An hour long class that combines barre, Pilates, and a little yoga. I love how it is a well-rounded workout.
  • DEFINEmind: Have you ever tried hammock yoga? This is the place to try it! Check out A Taste of Koko’s post on our first hammock yoga experience at DEFINE.

Non-ClassPass Pricing: Single class $22 / Some monthly unlimited specials for new clients

809 South Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704

3 Favorite New ClassPass Studios in Austin

3 Favorite New ClassPass Studios in Austin

Resolute Fitness – South Lamar

Another beautiful studio that I cannot get enough of. I have to admit I get bored/impatient with classes that are 60 minutes long at times that don’t mix it up, so I love the cycling/combo class because just when I’m starting to get over spin it’s time to do yoga! I also love to have a really nice stretch and decompression time post-cardio, so this class was basically designed for me.

Classes I’ve Tried & Loved:

  • Cycling/Yoga Combo: The perfect combo in my opinion, this class is composed of 28 minutes on the bike and 30 minutes on the mat. Get your cardio on then get your zen on in the same hour!
  • Yoga – Power Flow: Resolute’s yoga class is a 60-minute warm vinyasa class that will have you leaving refreshed and rejuvenated.

Non-ClassPass Pricing: New clients 3 classes for $45 / Single class $20

1100 South Lamar Blvd #1115, Austin, TX 78704

3 Favorite New ClassPass Studios in Austin

Photo via Reform Pilates

Reform Pilates

This small studio located in Tarrytown may seem unassuming from the front but is filled with some amazing things inside! I love that the classes are small (the ones I’ve attended have been around 3-4 people per class), so you get more personalized attention. If you’re looking for a good, local Pilates studio to get lean and toned for summer, this is your place.

Classes I’ve Tried & Loved:

  • Equipment: This class utilizes a variety of Pilates equipment including the reformer, chair, and tower units. Mix it up and get a balanced workout!
  • Reformer Jump: Your typical Pilates reformer class using the jump board!

Non-ClassPass Pricing: Ranges from $18 to $30 per class

3110 Windsor Road, Austin, TX 78703


Safe travels y’all!


Chelsea Rose Martin