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As some of you may or may not have noticed, it’s been a little quiet on the Passport To Friday blog. This is not intentional, in fact it kills be a little bit inside that I haven’t had time to write but let’s just say we’ve got A LOT going on around here. I also am just finally getting wifi installed in my new apartment, which means no more going down to the resident lounge anytime I need to get anything done!

October was one of the best but most exhausting months of my life. Going from Dubai to Miami to Tokyo working back to back programs in all of those different time zones was extremely taxing on my mind and body. I had some free time but not a lot, which is why I may have seemed a little MIA on social media compared to how much I usually share. Nonetheless, I feel so grateful for the cultures and destinations I had the chance to experience last month. The memories I made with coworkers who I am lucky to call friends will last a lifetime. But… on to the future!

Here are some things to look forward to on PTF:

  • New Website – I will be launching a new brand and website in the next few weeks and I am so excited about it! I’ve been working with the lovely Harper Maven Design, and I am looking forward to share the final outcome. This re-design is LONG overdue! The website will encompass not only my blog but also all of the services I offer such as luxury travel advising, event management, and social media consulting. I’m hoping it will give y’all a better idea of what it is I really do for a living and how I can be of better assistance to you or your business!
  • 2 MONTHS OFF – After a long but incredible month of traveling to Dubai, Miami and Tokyo to help run 2 incentive trips and a large meeting, I am looking forward to taking 2 months off (again – sound familiar from this summer) from traveling for events to focus on a couple exciting projects we have coming up for next year! Plus unpacking the new place… yikes, that might take awhile.
  • More Travels – While I am planning to enjoy a full month in Texas (unless I have any pop-up meetings or site visits), December will bring me to Cannes and Paris for the International Luxury Travel Market Conference and some girl time with The Simple Sol! Then it will be off to Sonoma and home for Christmas!

I’ll be posting more about Italy and Dubai starting next week… stay tuned!

Safe travels y’all!


Chelsea Rose Martin