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September 27, 2017








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“Heading on a trip, now what do you suggest I wear on the flight?”

I get a lot of questions about travel style. What’s your go-to travel uniform? What’s the best plane-to-office attire? What do you wear & bring to survive a long haul flight?

My travel style may be different from some, but I think it’s about what makes you comfortable and happy. I used to travel in workout clothes until I started traveling for my job. Then I was required to look as if I was ready to step into the office right off the plane (goodbye, yoga pants). While I may not have those travel attire requirements anymore, my style has evolved into a mix between comfy & chic. I love the buzz of an airport – travelers off to important business meetings that could change their careers, families embarking on their first family vacation together, couples celebrating their new wedding bliss with a honeymoon trip somewhere tropical. To me airports are special, and I don’t like to look like I just rolled out of bed when going somewhere special.

Bring in the travel uniform. Typically I am meeting with hoteliers or travel partners straight off the plane, so I want to look more put together but still travel in comfort (no more heels at the airport for this gal). My outfit usually consists of a few things: a pretty top (long-sleeved preferred because seriously why are planes always so cold?), boyfriend jeans (beyond comfortable), and comfy yet classic shoes. I love this top from Boohoo because it is flowy and breezy, yet the exaggerated sleeves give it a fashionable flare. Same with these $44 boyfriend jeans – the pearl detail adds an elegant touch. When it comes to shoes, for domestic flights I will go with a mule like this one, but for longer flights I wear something a bit more comfortable (which is why I love these slide-ons with bow detail). Best part, EVERYTHING I just listed from Boohoo is under $50! Now where can you shop these looks….

All you Austinites, Boohoo is opening a pop-up shop in Austin THIS WEEK! Details are below. If you are not in Austin, just click on the links my friends and shop away.

Also at the bottom of this post, I am answering some of the most commonly asked questions that y’all have asked!



2120 Guadalupe St, Austin, TX 78705


Grand Opening Party on Thursday, September 28th

Officially Open September 29th – October 15th

You can check out more information about fun things happening at the pop-up over the next couple weeks here!


What are your tips for effective packing?

Let me preface by saying, I used to be terrible at packing. It wasn’t until very recently that I learned (or was forced to learn) some handy techniques that have really helped me out. Packing cubes are now a must for me. They are great because they compact a large amount of clothes into tiny cubes! Also I swear by travel sized products. I pick mine up from Sephora, or I transfer my larger products into travel sized containers from Target. Lastly, PLAN OUT OUTFITS. I used to just fly by the seat of my pants and throw everything in sight in there, but now that I plan out outfits I am able to pick pieces that can be worn multiple ways and end up wearing all of it. Pack a few back up shirts just in case weather turns however!

What are a few of your travel essentials for a long flight?

I never fly on a red eye without my sleep pillow, eye mask, Claudalie Cleansing Milk (it requires no water to wash your face!), an overnight mask, and a healthy snack for the morning. I don’t like to start my day off after a long flight with airplane food, so having a nutritious homemade breakfast bar or RX bar makes me feel more light and refreshed!

How does someone become a travel advisor? How do they get started?

One thing I love about this industry is that everyone’s path is different. I myself studied Hospitality & Tourism Management and always knew I wanted to be in some capacity of this field, but many of my colleagues have come from all different career and educational backgrounds. There are a few things that I think makes someone wanting to become a travel advisor successful. You must not just have a passion for your own personal travel, but also for planning travel for others (as that is what the job is). I think many people see my Instagram and think that all I do is galavant around the world traveling for free, when that is not the reality. I pay my own way for a lot of my travel, and while I am traveling and at home I am working on curating dream trips for my clients. Secondly, I think having a good network is important if you are looking to start out as an independent contractor since you need to find your own clients. If it is something you are interested in, I suggest researching local travel agencies in your city, express your interest, and set up a meeting to see if it would be the right fit and if they are hiring!

What are your best suggestions for working out while traveling?
ClassPass is my saving grace! I love that it gives me access to workout classes (spin, yoga, Pilates, etc.)  in many cities across the globe so that I can feel in routine with my lifestyle at home. If I am in a city that does not have ClassPass, I will hit up the hotel gym and do a 30-40 minute workout usually consisting of treadmill, weights, and stretching. Also over the past few months I have learned to not beat myself up over it. My travels have been filled with packed itineraries lately which make it nearly impossible to squeeze a proper workout in. To make up for it, I will do a 7 minute HIIT or Kayla Istines workout in my room in the morning, or will take the stairs instead of the elevator, or a longer walk around the town I am staying in. Traveling should be enjoyable so don’t stress about it too much!
How do you choose and plan non sponsored leisure activities on your trips?
My trips are a mixture of pre-organized itinerary trips that either hotels, travel partners or destinations put on so that we get to know the destination, or my trips are on my own exploring. When I am on the pre-planned trips, I don’t have much room for picking my own activities however they often give us a few choices per day to craft our own experience. On my own leisure trips however, I use Pinterest and Instagram or reach out to my travel partners to find out what’s interesting and perhaps “off the beaten path”. I think it’s necessary to see the “must-see” sights, but I also like to get lost and explore a bit. But that’s what is so great about using a Travel Advisor like me – we know all of the inside scoop and can set you up with some amazing experiences!


Safe travels y’all!

Chelsea Rose Martin


This post is in collaboration with rewardStyle & Boohoo. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Passport To Friday.


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