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This post is sponsored by Athleta.

With summer travel coming up, I constantly get asked how I stay in shape while essentially living on the road. The key is to get active while traveling, and I don’t just mean by hitting the hotel gym!

I’m not one who can just sit by a pool for a week straight while on vacation. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good poolside cocktail and losing myself into multiple books while on vacation, but I also love to get out in the water and experience what the destination is all about. During my recent trip to Cambodia, I knew the activities would be endless so I packed my new Athleta Swimwear.

Wearing Aqualuxe Molded Cup Bikini & Aqualuxe Print High Waist Bottom

I’m a big fan of high waisted swim bottoms because of the coverage they give (and ability to eat more tacos!), and Athleta’s Aqualuxe Print High Waist Bottom is such a cute print. I paired it with the black Aqualuxe Molded Cup Bikini top, but I love that I can mix and match both of these pieces with other tops and bottoms, like this Strappy Bikini Top I brought along with me!

Benefits of my Athleta Swimsuit
  • The Material & Quality: Athleta’s swimsuits are designed for an active lifestyle, as they are made with LYRCRA Extra Life Spandex. The fit of this fabric is amazing, and stays on well (not to mention offers tons of coverage) during all of the summer activities.
  • Mix & Match: I’m a big fan of mixing it up, which is why I love how easy it was to mix and match the swimsuits. 
  • Great Style: They’re ADORABLE! I remember when the days of trying to find a swimsuit that offered optimal coverage and was something that you could move in meant that you would be wearing a standard one-piece swimsuit that looked more fit for swim team or professional water polo. Not only is this swimsuit great for staying active, but it’s also cute enough for margaritas by a fancy resort pool!

Wearing Resort Cover Up

Okay, so how do I stay active while traveling? It’s a balance of a lot of things, but I also don’t stress about it! It’s important to enjoy your vacation, but staying active can actually contribute to that enjoyment.

How I Stay Active While Traveling
  1. Take advantage of the destination you are in. On this trip to Cambodia, this meant hitting the water as well as exploring the private island we were on. However if I am in a city, that means walking everywhere.
  2. Utilize your hotel’s activities. At Song Saa, this meant starting our morning off with yoga and a hike, snorkeling in the afternoon, and swimming in the pool before dinner. You’re getting the best of both worlds – enjoying your vacation yet staying active!
  3. Walk everywhere. And I mean, everywhere (walking 10 miles in a city in a day is not uncommon for me). This way you are seeing the destination, but you are also up & active!
  4. Get enough sleep. It’s hard to be active when you’re tired, so prioritize sleep. You will wake up each day feeling ready to take on the day!


Safe travels y’all!

Chelsea Rose Martin