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Passport To Friday is a full service luxury travel agency, specializing in bespoke travel & dream honeymoons. We provide exceptional travel intel and seamless planning to get you wherever in the world you’re heading next.

Our founder Chelsea spends more nights per year in a hotel bed than her own, constantly traveling the world discovering the best destinations, hotels, and experiences for her clients. Check out more of her travels here.

Passport To Friday is affiliated with Embark Collective, a Virtuoso agency.


Luxury Travel Advisor & Founder of Passport To Friday. Follow along on my travels and let me help you plan your dream trip or honeymoon!

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Passport to Travel From Your Home

Passport to Travel From Your Home

***The below is directly from my April newsletter - a monthly newsletter meant to deliver travel inspiration, promotions, guides & news to you - but is currently geared towards bringing inspiration on how to bring travel to your home. While I know this does not...

A Look Back at My 2019 Travels

A Look Back at My 2019 Travels

2019 was a very defining year for me with an abundance of big life changes and events. I am excited to ride the momentum into 2020, but also ready for a bit of normalcy and for things to s-l-o-w d-o-w-n. My body has grown accustomed to not sleeping and spending more...