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Oh the food I pack for every trip. I’m the weird girl whose bag is overweight because of how much food I pack. I just consider myself smarter than everyone else though because once I finish eating all of my food, I have extra room in my luggage for all of the goodies I purchase at the destination. Win-win, right?!

There are 3 main reasons why I pack food when I travel:

  1. It saves money.
  2. It saves calories.
  3. I have a fear of going hungry and not having food right when I want it, so this solves that.

I’m only partially joking with the last reason. I almost always have a bar on me just in case. The rest of these food items are other things that make my constant travel feel a little bit more like home. They are easy to pack, cheap, healthy, and most importantly delicious!


Probably my most essential food travel staple because it is so easy to make using the coffee maker in your room (my favorite recipe to come)! Just throw an oatmeal packet in a coffee cup and add hot water and some other goodies and you’ve got yourself a great breakfast that basically tastes better than cake.


Protein Powder

A hint at my favorite oatmeal recipe includes the delicious ALOHA protein powder. This is my lifesaver to make plain oatmeal actually taste like the best thing on the planet. Plus the added protein makes it a great post-workout meal! I also LOVE their Chocolate Greens packets because they are filled with green nutrients and also taste delicious (they also seriously add such a good consistency to smoothies for some reason).


Quest Bars

Don’t mind me, just talking about Quest bars yet again. But I love them (I write this as I am eating a Cookies & Cream one at this moment). Packed with protein, fiber, no sugar, and the most filling bar I know of, how could you not love them?! I usually pack one per day of my trip to use as a quick breakfast, post-workout snack, or something just to hold me over in the middle of the day. My favorite flavors are: chocolate chip cookie dough, smores, and cookies & cream. Can you tell I love chocolate?


Ak Mak Crackers

One of my favorite finds of all time! These minimal ingredient crackers are only 20 calories each and taste wonderful. I pair them with almond butter or hummus if I find a grocery store. The options are endless!


Almond Butter

These little almond butter packets are adorable and perfect for travel! They are TSA carry-on approved, but I also just throw a bunch in my checked luggage. I either pair it with Ak Mak crackers or with a banana which I buy once I land at my destination. Great source of protein and essential fats and super filling!


Broccoli Florets

I’m a lover of kale chips because sometimes I just need the taste of vegetables and that isn’t always so easily accessible while traveling. Well Trader Joes now has THESE which are awesome if you’re trying to mix it up with kale chips. Okay, they may not be as healthy as just plain ol’ broccoli, but the only ingredients are broccoli, palm oil, and sea salt, so I don’t consider them that bad.



Quick and easy to throw in a bag, these little protein/essential fat bundles of joy taste good and are a filling snack in between meals. Maybe just don’t eat over 50 of them like me in one sitting. My favorites are pistachios, cashews, hazelnuts, walnuts, pecans, almonds, macadamia nuts… okay all of them.



When you’re traveling from place to place with different climates, airborne illnesses on flights, etc., you are bound to get sick at some point. If I feel a sore throat or something similar coming, I take some Emergen-C and it does wonders. Also, I usually pack apple cider vinegar to take a shot in the morning, but I mix in Emergen-C to make it taste better.


Safe travels y’all!


Chelsea Rose Martin