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Sweet home San Diego, where the skies are so blue. Although Austin is technically my home now, I am lucky to have spent the first 22 years of my life in this wonderful city and have it to go back to as much as I want (parents please don’t move). With that being said, I fly through SAN airport a decent amount and was happy to find out that with my AMEX Platinum I have access to the Airspace Lounge. AMEX Platinum for the win, yet again.

I like this lounge. The concept is a little different than most lounges I am used to. Upon entrance, you are given a $10 credit to spend on food and beverage. While there is complimentary food and beverage as well, it is very limited. Regardless, I love the infinite amount of outlets and the open, air feel with many large windows. It is fun to watch the airplanes and soak in some of the warm San Diego sunshine.

AMEX Platinum cardholders rejoice because you and up to four guests are allowed here complimentary. This lounge also allows access to Admirals Club members as well as a couple other airlines although I am not positive which ones. Also let it be noted that anyone can access this lounge for a $25 entry fee.

So what amenities does the Airspace Lounge offer?

Airspace Lounge at SAN Airport
Airspace Lounge SAN Airspace Lounge SAN Airspace Lounge SAN
$10 Credit for Premium Food & Beverage

Upon entrance you receive a swipe card loaded with $10 to use at the lounge. So what can you purchase with this? There is a small variety of food items ranging from breakfast sandwiches to cheese boards to a dessert selection. Many of these options are available to-go as well if you have limited time to spend in the lounge itself. I’ve included photos of the drinks menu which includes wine, beer, liquor, and cocktails. There are about 3 or 4 selections per type of liquor, a relatively short wine list, and a few local beers on tap as well as the standard selections.

Limited Complimentary Food & Beverage

Per usual with all airport lounges, Airspace Lounge offers a couple food and beverage items complimentary. For beverages this includes water, sodas, Pete’s Coffee (with to-go cups!), teas, and a machine offering espresso, lattes, Americano, and cappuccino. For food this includes a few pastries (mostly muffins), Chex Mix, oriental mix, and some mini candies. Although it is a limited selection, that $10 credit is helpful to get a real meal.

Free WiFi & Business Services

WiFi is a must, but they also offer complimentary printing, scanning, and even have semi-private conference rooms.

Power Outlets at Every Seat

Game. Changer. 

Shower Suite

After a flight, sometimes a girl’s just got to shower.

Location: Terminal 2, between Terminal 2 East security and the bridge to Terminal 2 West

Hours: 5am – 10pm


Safe travels y’all!


Chelsea Rose Martin