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Y’all, my inner healthy airport snack food nerd stumbled upon literal HEAVEN this week. CIBO in Concourse A at Reagan National Airport in Washington DC made all my snack foodie dreams come true.

I am the ultimate snacker. I eat probably 6 or 7 times a day just as an excuse to constantly be snacking. A perfect lunch to me would be something very small just so I could eat a snack an hour or two later. So yeah, an eatery dedicated to nutritious snacks is pretty much my heaven.

I’ve been to CIBOs before, yes. This one blows the ones I’ve been to out of the water though. I could easily drop $50 here on snacks alone. Dangerous. Here is a sample of some of the wonderful snacks you can find here:

Healthy Eats at Reagan Washington Airport Healthy Eats at Reagan Washington Airport Healthy Eats at Reagan Washington Airport
Savory Snacks
  • Dang Coconut Chips ($5.99) : I have a slight obsession with the Savory Bacon flavor.
  • Epic Bars ($3.89): Just tried these for the first time at Whole Foods, and they’re pretty dang good. Basically tastes like jerky but way softer and in the form of a bar.
  • Hard Boiled Eggs ($2.00): Get that protein fix.
  • Krave Jerky ($5.99): Hello Black Cherry Barbecue and Basil Citrus.
  • Nourish Snacks ($3.29): For all you gluten-free and dairy-free folks out there, all under 200 calories.
  • Rhythm Superfoods Kale Chips: Yummy way to eat your greens! Great flavors like Kool Ranch too.
  • Skinny Pop Popcorn ($2.29): You rarely see me on a flight without popcorn.
  • Squirrel Brand Truffled Almonds ($9.99): Ever since living in Italy, I have a sick obsession with anything truffle. Now combine truffle and the powerhouse that is an almond and you’ve got yourself a superb, filling snack.
  • Watusee Organic Chickpea Snacks ($5.99): Priding themselves on only using 5 or 6 organic ingredients, these protein and fiber filled snacks come in different flavors such as Spicy Cayenne, Cinnamon Toast, Rosemary, and Tomato Basil.
Healthy Eats at Reagan Washington Airport Healthy Eats at Reagan Washington Airport Healthy Eats at Reagan Washington Airport
Sweet Snacks
  • Almond Dream Dairy-Free Yogurt ($2.99): Dairy-free alternative to yogurt!
  • Bare Fruit ($2.29): They have apple, banana, and coconut chips. I love the apple chips and travel with them often.
  • Hail Merry Macaroons ($2.29): One of my favorite guilt-free desserts with flavors such as strawberry, chocolate chip cookie dough and caramel sea salt.
  • Macro Bar ($3.39): I like the cashew butter flavor because it has 4 ingredients, but the other flavors are all tasty as well.
  • Peeled Snacks ($3.99): I write this as I am sitting on a plane eating these, I am pretty addicted (they also sell these at Starbucks). One bag of mango has only one ingredient (organic mangoes) and perfect portion at 120 calories.
  • ProBar MEAL ($4.99): A meal replacement that comes in lots of great flavors!
  • Purely Elizabeth Granola: Made with organic coconut oil and coconut sugar, Purely Elizabeth is not loaded up with all of that junk. There’s a pumpkin fig flavor too, yum.
  • Red Delicious Apple ($1.29): The apples are bagged and they even have a produce wash station, so no worries about who has previously touched your airport apple.
  • Vigilant Superfood Cereal: I love the unique choices such as Rosemary Thyme Sweet Potato and Espresso Maca Mulberry. Simple ingredients, loads of antioxidants. They also sell mini Silk soy milks to accompany your cereal.
Healthy Eats at Reagan Washington Airport Healthy Eats at Reagan Washington Airport
  • Bai: Only 5 calories per serving, no artificial sweeteners, and has coffee fruit & white tea extract. I like every flavor, especially Brasilia Blueberry and Malawi Mango. Would also be great to use in an on-board cocktail 😉
  • Reed’s Kombucha: I get way too excited when I see kombucha sold at airports. It’s refreshing and full of probiotics.
  • Water Fill-Up: Not gonna lie, I was pretty upset when I couldn’t find a water refill station in this terminal at DCA. It’s almost 2016! The kind folks at CIBO however let me fill up my reusable water bottle at their nifty touch-screen soda station. If you don’t have a reusable water bottle though, don’t worry because they have about 10 different types of water they sell (no joke).

Taste of Cibo Express Gourmet Market

Location: Entrance to Concourse A


Safe travels y’all!


Chelsea Rose Martin