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I think it is a common consensus that every Nordstrom sale is like waking up on Christmas morning. Nordstrom is already one of my favorite places to shop because of their amazing customer service, return policy, free shipping, and quality of items. Now add a sale on many of those amazing items and you’ve got a happy gal!

Because of the great quality and return policy, Nordstrom is a great place to peruse for those travel investment pieces. They also have fun tech, fashion, and other accessories for an excellent value. Best place ever.

These are my picks for the current Nordstrom Fall Clearance Sale:

Travel Bags

Best Travel Finds at the Nordstrom Fall Clearance Sale

Tory Burch York Buckle Bag in Fairview Blue (now $197.65): Tory Burch should probably just re-name this “The Working Girl Bag”, because this bag is everywhere amongst female professionals. Although I am not the current owner of one, I get why so many people own this bag. Big enough to fit a laptop and lots of other goodies, some structure but still comfortable, and of course stylish.

Tory Burch Robinson Multi Tote (now $398.65): I have a couple co-workers who have this bag and it is a great bag, I might cave this sale and get it! It is ideal for the traveler who is not traveling with a laptop (or stores their laptop elsewhere), but wants to fit a lot of other things in her bag. If you click the link and look on Nordstrom’s website they have included a picture of all the things you can fit in the bag!

Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn Northsix Backpack (now $136.80): Maybe you’re a backpack kind of gal, and lucky for you backpacks have been getting more and more fashionable lately. I love this one because it is adorable, large enough to fit a lot (water bottle, DSLR camera, wallet, snacks, etc).

Travel Cases

Best Travel Finds at the Nordstrom Fall Clearance Sale

Ted Baker Floral Print Pencil Case (now $29.40): You can use this pencil case to store pens, highlighters, etc. in your carry-on bag (as if the name didn’t give it away), or it can serve appropriately for small make-up items such as lip balm, concealer, mini perfume etc. Just make sure if you are bringing liquids on the plane that it is in your clear quart sized bag, then transfer them to this more stylish bag once you make it through security or get to your destination.

Tory Burch Kerrington Cosmetics Case (now $83.75): Although there is also a smaller version on sale, this large cosmetics case can fit an insane amount of products in it. Click on the link to see just how much you can load up into this case.

MARC by Marc Jacobs Coated Canvas Cosmetics Case (now $58.80): Two zippered areas in case you need to keep anything separated. Great for toiletries that may leak or if you’re just an organization freak like myself.

Tech Accessories

Best Travel Finds at the Nordstrom Fall Clearance Sale

Hitcase Pro+ for iPhone 5 & 5S (now $89.98): For those of you who don’t want to carry around a big camera and equipment everywhere but want variety in your photography, this is for you. It includes multiple lenses, a few mounts, a wrist strap, lens cap, and more. Get the perfect selfie or wide-angle shot.

Michael Kors iPad Air Case (now $33.98): A sturdy, protective, classy case. If you have an iPad Mini? Michael Kors also has this case on sale.

TYLT Y-Charge Micro-USB Car Charger (now $20.98): If you’re a traveler who rents a car often, it is so important to have a trusty car charger! You can charge two phones simultaneously with this one.

Fashion Accessories

Best Travel Finds at the Nordstrom Fall Clearance Sale

kate spade new york Wool Fedora (now $58.80): Every time I wear a hat on a plane I receive a compliment, so if anything wear a hat just for a confidence booster. Really though, hats are great for bad travel hair days and to hide behind if you don’t feel like making conversation with your seat mates 😉

Hinge Felt Panama Hat (now $25.20): Another great travel hat at a wonderful price point! Also available in black and grey.

Halogen Windowpane Plaid Blanket Wrap (now $28.80): Blanket wraps and large scarves are lifesavers on airplanes because you never know what the plane’s temperature will be like. In most cases I am cold on planes, so a wrap acts as a portable blanket that offers a considerable amount of warmth. Bonus that this one is adorable for fall and winter!

{I am not a part of any affiliate programs with Nordstrom and will not be receiving any income from this post. All opinions are entirely my own.}

Safe travels y’all!


Chelsea Rose Martin